SMORGS The Greatest Band That Never Was The Apathetic Nihilist Party is the only political party that is not afraid to confess that it really doesn't care for you.

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Get Down With The Update

Ive developed a working relationship with two groups since I last updated this ancient website. Their own sites are linked in the sidebar.

I contributed music to three of Dire Wit's latest film projects with another currently in the works (Mutantis, Pig Pen, Driven To Succeed, Zombinatrix). Scoring music for film presents a different kind of angle of approach to crafting music. A sampling of those tracks can be found on the audio page.

I got my feet wet with that during the making of our film Until Death Do Us Apart which is embedded in the video section. It appeared at several film festivals , streamed on roku and was as well broadcast on Direct TV. Ultimately it led to our association with the Maryland Halloween attraction Legends Of the Fog.

Having contributed music and film work for them previously in a more promotional capacity, we've started working on a project for one of their actual attractions that will be included in the 2016 season. Its a pretty unique and exciting opportunity to help shape a haunted house which is kind of every weirdo's dream. Our video for what was called Carsin's Manor is also embedded on the video page.

Some updated tattoo work can be found in the gallery but more current updates will be readily available through my instagram account.