Harmonies Of The Night

A work in progress. It's a novel with multimedia elements .It's ...a graphic novel ! Copyright !

Metaphysical Graffiti

A collection of short essays on various esoteric topics.

Midas Whelby

Extremely offensive. Open at the risk of irretrievable innocence. This is the story of one seriously demented clown.




I have a growing collection of unpublished literary works that are in varying stages of completion. From short films to comic books to novels to essays. I'm slowly working towards publication on a number of these but a person can only be in so many places (mentally) at one time.

Top Secret ! Shhhh ...

I've recently submitted for copyright the script to the first installment of my comic book series . One day my dream of making money by making fun of stuff will be a reality. I will post more information as it comes along.

The next project for me will be creating the accompanying art to another graphic novel entitled Harmonies of the Night. It has a decidedly more serious tone than my current project.